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Ken McCort has a passion for understanding animals, how they think and learn, and their relationships with the humans with which they share space.  He is the owner and operator of Four Paws animal behavior services in Doylestown, Ohio. Although he is located just south of Akron, Ken sees clients all over the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. To get the best understanding of what the concerns are, clients and their animals are usually seen in their home environment.


Established in 1987, Ken has been helping people who have animals in need of training and behavior modification.  He trains with dogs, cats and birds with the general public. Most clients are acquired by referred from veterinarians or by other clients. Because he often works with more serious behavior concerns, all clients and their animals are seen on an individual basis and he does not offer group training classes.


Ken and his wife Marilyn, a veterinarian, live with a variety of animals of different species. Most of Ken and Marilyn’s animals were adopted and once had behavior concerns. Because Ken lives in a multi-species household, he understands the challenges that come with living with many animals as well as the challenges that can arise from adding animals to an existing group.

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