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Step 1: Evaluation & Consultation session


Clients begin with an evaluation/consultation session that is done in the client's home. Seeing the animal in its familiar environment is important to get an accurate assessment. We schedule an appointment that is convenient to both client and my calendar. At this session, I get a history on the pet, its living situation and the clients' likes and dislikes with its behavior. Finally I get information on the goals the client has with the pet. During the information gathering, I often train with the pet to see where they are cognatively and socially.  Once the information is complete, we start clients on a training and behavior modification program designed to meet the goals and resolve any unwanted beahvior the animal may exhibit.  This process takes 2 hours (or more) and is charged for as a single session and not by the hour.  Fees are dependant on the session plus travel time. Email or call for more information and an exact fee.

Step 2: Additional Follow Up and/or Training


Once the evaluation/consultation session is completed, clients begin the training and behavior modification program designed and explained during that first session. If there are questions and concerns, they are often handled via email or over the phone as needed. From these follow up communications, I can tell if the client needs additional advice, or if another "hands on" in home session is needed. Email and phone follow up is usually free. If further training with the client and pet is necessay, there is an additional fee for that service. Once the initial evaluation/consultation session is complete, I can be more accurate on how the follow up may be done and what to expect.


Seminars and Workshops


In addition to seeing client, I give presentations in the form of seminars and workshops world wide. Subjects are diverse and have included training techniques, learning theory, solving behavior problems, canine cognition, canine neurobiology, the human-animal bond, and many other subject related to animals and the people with which they interact. If your organization is interested in hosting one of these event, please contact me for details and availability.




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